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November is time to change cars again. Comparing car insurance in November has already degenerated into “popular sport” for some. Comparing car insurance annually makes sense - if you consider the important comparison criteria. Arrange points such as annual payment, discount protection if necessary, performance in case of animal damage of all kinds and not just hair game  should be known to everyone by now. 

Below you will find 5 more tips that you have probably not heard before, but which are very important when comparing and changing your car insurance!


Tip 1: Don't just compare on an online comparison portal

A comparison portal for car insurance compares many different insurance companies with each other, but you must not assume that all insurance policies and tariffs that are available will be considered here.

For example, the direct insurer HUK24 (as of 2018) is not listed on comparison portals.

There are often differences between the comparison portals.

If you compare online, then compare at least on the two large, well-known comparison platforms and directly with insurers that are not listed on the comparison portals.

Even if it is often claimed that online tariffs are always the cheapest, a car comparison by the insurance broker you trust is still recommended. This can possibly give one or the other tip, has experience with the service of insurers and you will not have any losses in terms of price.


Tip 2: Have the non-damage class confirmed in writing by the previous insurer

So that there are no nasty surprises afterwards, you should have your current insurer confirm exactly the SF class that he will report to the new car insurer. Often you have received a special classification (because you have switched to this insurer, for example), which is lost again if you change the car insurer. However, this is often forgotten and one compares the tariffs with a supposedly cheaper SF class and in retrospect it turns out that one would be classified higher.


Tip 3: performance always comes before price 

The same applies to car insurance: performance always comes before price! If you only look at the price, then you cannot assume that you have really insured all important criteria in the end. So first make sure that the most important services match and then compare the price. It is also advisable to look at the reviews of the service of the respective insurer. Because that is what matters in the event of damage.


Tip 4: Enter your expected driving performance as precisely as possible

The mileage per year is often very general. But the fact is that you get problems if you set your driving performance too low. If you then have damage and it turns out that you have driven more kilometers, there will be additional payments (recalculation of the contribution) and you may also have to pay a penalty.


Tip 5: Also look at the downgrading tables of the insurers

This point is unfortunately only very rarely considered, since it has a strong influence on your contribution after damage. This is because the downgrading tables of insurers differ from one another and there can quickly be differences of 2 or 3 SF classes when it comes to your downgrading. And since the SF class is decisive for your contribution, you may pay more in total for an insurer with a poorer rating after an accident than with an insurer that may have been a little more expensive in the beginning, but rated you better after one Accident. The downgrading tables of insurers are not always easy to find, but it is still worth taking a look.

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