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Kim Namjoon, Fransa'da şirin bir kasabada yaşamaktadır ve mütevazi dükkanında kişiye özel parfüm yapan bir parfüm ustas... Read more

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26.03.2018 Kitap tamamen eğlence amaçlıdır. İçinde bolca küfür ve argo kelime bulunur. Lütfen okumak isteyen bunları dü...

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backgrounds Backgrounds LINK=>WEBSITE WITH MANY LOVELY IMAGES AVAILABLE AS BACKGROUNDS FOR FREE; LIKELY AVAILABLE UNDER CREATIVE COMMONS BUT MAY VARY BY SELECTION Our free May mobile backgrounds are here! Put…#moonlight Wallpapers for iphone’s Backgrounds#Disney#wallpaper#backgrounds

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Facebook'taki Onedio Goygoy sayfasında Aralık ayında yayınlanan bir kısmı güncel bir kısmı eskilerden oluşan tweetler içinde en çok beğenilen 23 tanes...

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✩ WOMEN NECKLACE ✩ Bohemia necklace,double layer necklace,boho jewelry,hippie necklace,summer necklace,women boho necklace,women leather necklace,silver jewel Unique and different women gift. Leather necklace, Friendship necklace. Gift for friend or girlfriend. women jewelry for Valentine's day. ✩ WOMEN NECKLACE ✩ Unique and different women gift. Leather necklace,bohemian , hippy jewelry ✩ DETAILS & MANUFACTURING SECRETS ✩ Unique design Handmade, artisan jewelry genuine natural LEATHER from Spain zamak ( metal to make jewelry in Spain). 8 micras SILVER plated 100% Handmade with love,made by me ✩ NECKLACE SIZE & SPECIAL REQUESTS ✩ Necklace size: leather + clasp Small: 15 ½ inches / médium: 16 ½ inches / large: 17 ½ inches Personalized Zise: If you want you can send me a message for a custom size ✩ NEAT & NICE PACKAGING - READY TO OFFER ✩ Your necklace or bracelet is very well packaged, in a nice gift bag, with recycled paper, with the handmade dreamon seal stamp, nice design, carefully closed in detail Perfectly wrapped in a protective envelope of bulbs, I add a personalized letter with a handwritten message. ✩ PERSONAL MESSAGE AS YOU LIKE ✩ You can add a message if it's for a gift, Hanwritten on a pretty card ✩ DELIVERY ✩ Free cost Shipping: 1 or 2 days. Time to receive: -STANDART-Spain 3/7 days approx, -Europe: 7 days approx, USA/CANADA: 14 dias aprox if you want you can choise the certificate shipment with track number with an additional cost. ✩ Check out these women´s necklaces:§ion_id=18978583 ✩Go back to my store:

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