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The pension insurance obligation for all self-employed in Germany comes from 2020. According to Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) it looks the same. He would like to initiate a corresponding reform in 2019 and thereby introduce a pension insurance obligation for the self-employed. In the following article you will find out what that would mean for the self-employed and what options you have for the self-employed to "escape" the statutory pension insurance obligation

According to surveys, around 3 million self-employed people in Germany are not adequately covered for old age. The main reason for this is that the self-employed are currently not obliged to provide for old age. Be it to pay into the statutory pension fund or to save private pension contracts.

According to Heil, many self-employed people are at risk of old-age poverty later on because they have made little or no provision. I generally agree with this opinion.

Approximately 3 million self-employed people have had no or too little pension provision

Far too many self-employed people - let's just say whether there are really 3 million in the end - don't care enough for old age. In my opinion, this is not necessarily due to the fact that the self-employed have no money to provide for old age (even if this can be the case especially for start-ups and one should take this into account in the new reform). Rather, it is due to the fact that many self-employed people totally underestimate how much you would actually have to put aside every month in order to be able to maintain the standard of living you have built up when you retire. And here there are sometimes huge gaps between one's own perception and hard reality.

Pension costs for the self-employed are underestimated

Above all, it is underestimated how much one would have to spend alone to achieve the corresponding value that one would get from the statutory pension. And then you're only about half of what you actually need. The pension level in statutory pension insurance is currently just under 50%. It is simply… nothing.

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