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Savings account ?! It doesn't work anymore - does it?

Admittedly, overnight money accounts are no longer as attractive in terms of interest as they were a few years ago - but what is still “attractive” today when it comes to classic interest? It shouldn't be about high interest rates. The real reason why I really want to recommend a call money account is another. You should build your own private insurance with the help of a call money account. Are you curious? 


What are insurance policies for?

But first we have to clarify what insurance is basically there for. Perhaps you have never thought about this because there are dozens of different insurances and each one covers something different. Health insurance, disability insurance, liability insurance, household insurance and and and.

The bottom line, however, ALL insurance cover one and the same thing: a financial risk for you!

In other words, if an event occurs in your life that would result in high costs, your insurance company (if you have taken out one) will step in and save you from financial ruin.

And that's the simple basis of insurance.


You cannot take out insurance for everything

Now it is the case that you cannot insure all events that can affect you over a lifetime with insurance. You can protect your workforce with occupational disability insurance or your belongings with household insurance, but if, for example, the washing machine gives up or the car suddenly stops working, there is unfortunately no insurance here that would buy you a new washing machine, for example 

And this is exactly where I want to start and show you an extremely clever solution on how you can build your own insurance for such unforeseen events - without an insurance broker 


Your call money account - your insurance for bad times

Call money account is the solution to hedge all the unforeseen events for which you cannot take out “classic” insurance to protect yourself from the financial risks. How exactly is that supposed to work, you might ask yourself now? I'll explain it to you below - that's exactly how I did it for myself.

As we already know, a wide variety of events can occur in your life, which then constitute a financial expense, but which cannot be covered by "normal" insurance.

Incidentally, the question is not whether these events (broken washing machine, defective dishwasher, expensive car repair, etc.) will occur, but only WHEN - that these events are almost certain.

Unfortunately, it is the case with most people that such cases have NOT been provided for financially and then such costs (which can be quite high) have to be covered from current income, which is often not sufficient for this and then in many cases a loan has to be taken out. Everything is more than sub-optimal.

However, if you have built up a financial buffer in your call money account to absorb such events, these are no problem for you at all. Only you have it up and make - and sooner rather than later procrastination Greetings ...

Hence my UNCLOSED recommendation to you to set up a call money account as “insurance for bad times” as described below.

A call money account has several features that make it the perfect "insurance" for you

  • there is more interest than on your current account (I will explain to you how to find the overnight deposit account with the highest interest)
  • completely FREE
  • limited availability (eg 2 times a month) - very important punk!


How exactly should you proceed?

Step 1:

So that you can build up your personal financial buffer, of course you first need the right overnight account.

Most fail here because the selection of overnight deposit account providers is overwhelmingly large. So which provider is the best?

Fortunately, I now have really clever solutions.

Providers such as Zinspilot (here I also have my call money account) or World Savings combine almost all call money accounts under one account for you and you can then easily find the best provider at the moment every time you invest money - but you always have only one Account - INGENIOUS!

I have been with Zinspilot since mid-2016 and I am very satisfied. Everything works super easy and I get my interest payments on time. You can easily open the account here online and free of charge.

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