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If you are looking for insurance for yourself, you are right to expect independent insurance advice. In the end, you want to take out the insurance product that suits you best and does not make the insurance broker's wallet the fullest. But how can you as a customer determine that insurance advice is really independent and what should you consider when choosing an insurance broker? You can find out all of this in the following blog article.

Insurance agent, insurance broker or insurance consultant?

What many people in Germany do not know: There are (legally) different forms of insurance brokerage. Insurance intermediaries are not the same as insurance intermediaries. A basic distinction is made between the following forms:

  • Insurance agent (works only for ONE insurance company, eg the typical Allianz representative and is on the side of the company. He receives remuneration from the insurer when concluding a contract)
  • Insurance broker (acts independently and freely, is not tied to any insurance company and is legally on the customer's side. He also receives a final remuneration from the respective insurer that best suits the customer.)
  • Fee consultant / insurance consultant (also acts freely and independently, but is paid per hour / time spent on advice)

As a customer, it is important to know these differences. It quickly becomes clear that the chances of perfect, independent insurance advice from an insurance agent are almost zero. Simply from the legal position of the insurance agent. That doesn't mean that insurance agents don't do a good job - but they are simply limited from the outset when it comes to the product range.

Remain the insurance broker and the insurance advisor or fee advisor for independent insurance advice.

Insurance broker or insurance advisor?

Since insurance consultants will probably go straight to the barricades in this comparison and claim that they are the only true independent insurance intermediaries, I would like to take a closer look at the whole thing.

The topic with the commissions

Insurance consultants always argue that the insurance broker is independent per se, since he can offer almost any insurance company on the German market to the customer (direct insurers and few companies that only work with their own sales except), but in the end only the tariff or Broker, where he gets the most commission.

Of course there are colleagues here who (unfortunately) do the same. But then it is important to avoid this as a customer. I will go into how to do that later.

What costs something is not automatically good

But it is also a fact that just because you pay for an hourly insurance advice does not necessarily mean that you get perfect insurance coverage for the customer. Insurance advice paid for by fees can also be really bad. What costs what has to be good and what does not cost anything is automatically bad, is not quite an argument here.

In the end, the customer always decides

The nice thing is that in the end the customer can decide which form of advice he feels more comfortable with. But in no way should you convince the customer by badly doing other forms of advice. You just have to explain it factually so that the customer has all the information to make a decision according to his wishes.

Free insurance advice or fee

Insurance advice from an insurance broker is free. That of an insurance consultant or fee advisor is generally based on the hourly rate or effort.

This means that the insurance broker only makes money if he can ultimately provide the desired insurance protection. So there is also a completely different motivation to fulfill the customer's wishes - otherwise the insurance broker doesn't earn anything.

The fee is always due

The fee advisor or insurance advisor is different. Regardless of whether you are satisfied in the end or not or the appropriate insurance cover has been found or not, the fee is due.

The insurance broker is also subject to a so-called cancellation liability. Depending on the contract, this can be 5, 6 or even 8 years. If, as a customer, you find out after 3 years, for example, that the insurance cover you brokered was not that great and you terminate the contract, the insurance broker must pay back the commission it has received on a pro rata basis. I think it's pretty violent.

Liability for cancellation is an additional incentive

So why the hell should you, as a smart insurance broker, mediate an insurance that you know is not perfect for the customer and carries the enormous risk that the customer cancels this insurance within the cancellation period? From an entrepreneurial point of view, that makes absolutely no sense!

But as already mentioned above, there are also colleagues who are less customer-oriented and therefore less entrepreneurial. But you can also expose these “black sheep”.

How do you find independent insurance advice?

In the meantime, I think it is clear that the choice between insurance broker and insurance advisor / fee advisor will fall if you want independent insurance advice.

If you would like to pay an hourly fee for insurance advice, for example, look for a qualified insurance advisor. It's best to have someone recommended to you. Be aware that this can create a kind of "financial time pressure". In the end, you may ask fewer questions because you keep looking at the clock etc.

But you may not want insurance advice where you pay the insurance broker by fee. Maybe because it's just too much money for you. Or because you want to get an idea of ​​your insurance broker first. It's not a problem. Insurance advice is free here.

Sympathy, trust and above all many customers

The following question does not often occur in my online consultations, but it does occur. And it is absolutely justified:

Bastian, how do I know as a customer that you don't recommend the tariff at which you end up earning the most commission?

And my (personal) answer is always as follows:

You do not know that. As a customer, you can never find out. Whether with me or when you take out your insurance with Check24. Who knows exactly why tariff XY is recommended there?

Small Check24 digression:

Check24 is an insurance broker just like me. If you are looking for occupational disability insurance there, it is exactly the same price as for me or any other insurance broker. So why try the whole thing on your own when you can have someone with you to help you, and even at no extra cost?

Insurance brokers, but also entrepreneurs

But I can tell you this: I am an insurance broker, but also an entrepreneur. In addition, I am extremely in the focus of the public through my YouTube videos , my Instagram presence and my website, as well as my appearances as a speaker. Other insurance intermediaries (luckily not many, most of my colleagues are really super correct ) want me or my advisors to trip, make mistakes, get bad reviews, etc.

And then bad customer reviews hail. Because we all know that hardly any of us Germans give a rating if you are satisfied, but immediately if you are dissatisfied with a product or service.

I cannot afford a negative image

Therefore, it would not only be negligent but extremely stupid for me to always offer a customer the tariffs at which the most commission is paid. To be completely honest: I don't even know the individual commission rates of the companies. I'm not interested either.

If you look at my online calendar , you can see that I am partially booked for months. I have endless customer inquiries.

The insurance broker's moral dilemma

That is why I am not in the moral dilemma “customer or me”, which one or the other insurance broker may have due to too few customer inquiries. And guess who will always be a priority here if the insurance broker's rent hasn't been earned for this month ...

And here you will also find the answer to the above question of how to unmask the “black sheep”. Find an obviously successful insurance broker with many customer reviews here. Pay attention to his qualifications and expertise in a conversation. A good insurance broker will never push you to the conclusion, but will always give you the time you need. The best thing to do is to make a recommendation from your environment if you can't find anyone.

A short conclusion

With this article I wanted to accomplish two things:

  1. That you know the different forms of mediation that exist with insurance companies
  2. That you learn how I work as an insurance broker myself

Hopefully you have now been able to find a decision for yourself on how you would like to be advised independently by your insurance companies.

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