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General explanation of drone liability insurance

Drones have been an aviation dream for many years. Remote-controlled aircraft to which a wide variety of tasks could be assigned. In the 1990s, the BP group launched a special campaign. In this it was considered to use mini helicopters to transport purchases.

How close the idea was to today's drone reality could only be guessed 20 years ago. But with the increase in drones, the relevance of flight security for them and the question of risks and drone liability insurance came up. The following has been applicable to (certain) drones in Germany since 2005: Liability insurance is a must. Since 2017, further aspects of drone use have been regulated in the drone ordinance. 

Use of drones 

Drone liability insurance is mandatory regardless of the private or commercial use of a drone. So even a hobby pilot needs a drone liability insurance if he moves into German airspace. But above all in the commercial sector, drones are used in a variety of ways, such as in the areas

  • survey Systems 
  • Agriculture and Forestry 
  • Animal and nature protection 
  • technical controls 
  • research 
  • military reconnaissance.

Drone liability insurance is a must for all pilots

Even without the current insurance requirement for drones, drone insurance is an absolute must. The pilot is liable for all damage caused by his drone, regardless of private or commercial use. Even if the legal situation is not yet 100% clear whether you really need a corresponding liability insurance for every drone, you should not take the risk of not having any liability insurance for the drone.

Extract from the aviation law on drone liability insurance


You discovered the joy of model flying. You buy a drone online. The reviews are great and right from the start you notice that the handling is excellent. What you didn't expect was the gust of wind from the east that rocked your drone and dropped it into the neighbor's patio door, which breaks. 

Now the question arises: Is the drone in personal liability insurance included or will need the separate drone liability insurance?

Another, but also to be considered in the context of drone liability insurance: Your drone falls on the road and causes an accident with personal injury. The danger of millions in costs arises: vehicle repairs, medical care for people or procedural costs.

Drone liability insurance in private liability insurance

Is drone damage fundamentally insured in your private liability insurance? - Not at the current status. Instead, it is to be judged according to the tariff of your private liability insurance whether and to what extent personal injury, property damage or financial loss caused by a drone are covered. 

However, there are a few basic requirements for using drones so that private liability insurance can even take effect. For the combination "drone private liability insurance" applies that the drone is also used privately, i.e. not for commercial purposes. But the take-off weight and the drive (electric and no petrol engine) are also decisive. You can find detailed information on this in the general insurance conditions of your liability provider.

Since drones are also enjoying increasing use in the private sector, some insurers have reacted to this. A drone liability insurance is now integrated in some private liability insurance. But you shouldn't rely on that, you have to check your protection and if necessary take out a separate drone liability insurance with a suitable provider .

According to the drone classifications, drone insurance companies can differentiate between "drones up to 250g" and "drones over 5kg". Further stages and intermediate stages are conceivable as part of a drone liability insurance. It must be clarified individually whether model planes and other multicopters for private use in Germany are insured in addition to drones. 

Drone liability insurance for commercial use

Commercial drones and drones with a total weight of over 5kg must be insured separately. This means that if a drone is used commercially, it is not covered by private liability insurance tariffs. Specific considerations should be taken into account for commercial drone liability insurance. I have chosen this renowned provider myself .

Drone technology : Is it a drone with an electric or internal combustion engine (e.g. diesel?

Drone weight : Drones under 250g are insured differently than drones that weigh over 5kg. 

Use : Commercial use is one thing. Furthermore, the purpose of use must be considered: measurement, photography, transport, sporting competition, etc. Do you fly with the drone within an approved area, in a city or in the forest (...)? 

The scope : Separate tariffs may be necessary for flying in (European) foreign countries. If the drone insurance only applies to Germany, this can, depending on the insurer and tariff, have an impact on costs. 

Pilots : As with the motor vehicle, the question of the number of pilots arises for drone insurance. Benefits besides the owner z. B. family members the drone or does the drone insurance need to be extended to employees of a company?

Costs and deductibles: The question of a possible deductible for the insured needs clarification. Depending on the use, the number of pilots and the scope, tariffs of a commercial drone insurance may include deductibles in the event of damage 

Drone insurance - legal regulation

As soon as a pilot has checked the "Liability insurance drone" item, he no longer has to worry about the financial consequences of a claim - provided the flight complies with the legal requirements. If the pilot violates applicable laws, the insurer can refuse liability. 

The general conditions for flying a drone have been defined by the so-called drone ordinance since April 2017. It not only gives rise to important regulations. Aspects that can be found in drone insurance are also regulated:

Labeling requirement : Since 01.10.2017 drones with a take-off weight of over 250g have to be provided with permanent and fire-proof labeling, on which the name and address of the holder are noted. 

Proof of knowledge : Pilots of drones with a take-off weight of over 2kg require proof of knowledge about flying the drone. 

Ascent permit: Drones over 5kg may only be used with an ascent permit.

Flight altitude: Drone insurance is effective in the event of damage if certain principles have previously been observed. If the drone rises to more than 100m without a special permit from the aviation authorities, the pilot violates applicable law. The drone must also remain in sight. Damage events that occur out of sight could possibly become a dispute.

Night flights : A night flight with a drone requires a separate permit.

Flying over certain areas : Military areas, sensitive areas or crowds of people are critical issues. In itself, a drone may only approach this up to 100m. At the same time, you can see again and again how drones fly over crowds at concerts to z. B. to photograph. It has to be clarified in detail under which circumstances the pilot needs a permit for this. In addition, the extent to which possible damage is covered by drones must be discussed separately. 

Flying over residential properties: Drones that exceed a take-off weight of 250g must not fly over residential properties.

Drone liability insurance vs. drones insurance

Last but not least, the note that a drone liability insurance that protects damage that you inflict on OTHERS should not be confused with a drone insurance that also covers damage to your OWN flying object.

So if you should fly a really expensive drone (like me, for example, with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro), then drone insurance is also recommended, which then covers appropriate damage to yourself.

Most importantly, however, is the drone liability insurance. You should have this before you take off with your drone.

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